Aquatic Entertainment

Globaltech's extensive knowledge base allows us to transcend traditional engineering roles and offer a variety of specialty services. From underwater motion picture filming tanks and amusement parks to large marine aquariums, Globaltech delivers projects geared specifically to clients who specialize in entertainment and research. Globaltech has provided Motion Picture Filming Support utilizing onsite treatment systems that achieve ultra-clear water for underwater filming environment.

In the Warner Brother's motion picture Sphere, Globaltech provided engineering, turnkey installation, and operations for the underwater filming tanks. Globaltech has completed Marine Mammal and Aquatic Life Support Systems at major aquatic theme parks in Florida, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Our technical staff and marine aquatic systems partners have the expertise to evaluate the needs of individual marine species and to develop an artificial environment suitable to sustain and develop life for display and research purposes. Globaltech also provides design and construction services for large retail and entertainment clients requiring Large-Scale Aquatic Displays for live and artificial environments.

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