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Digester Gas Improvements

November 01, 2019

A common component of the gases produced during anaerobic digestion of wastewater sludge is siloxane. When methane gas containing siloxane is combusted, deposits of solid silica can collect within the equipment, causing maintenance and operational issues with downstream power generation equipment ru

Influent Screen Replacement

The Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID) was experiencing persistent pump clogging issues at its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), requiring pump de-ragging maintenance at least every shift. The ragging material was passing through the existing 3/8” mechanical bar screen and coalescing into

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Plant Grit Removal

Original equipment for the headworks grit removal system at Belle Glade’s wastewater treatment plant had fallen into disrepair and was no longer operational. Globaltech was selected as a design-build company to evaluate different upgrade options and provide design, construction and commissioning s

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Odor Control System Improvements

Odor complaints from homeowners living adjacent to its PGA wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) prompted Seacoast Utility Authority (SUA) to take action.Through a continuing design-build services contract, SUA hired Globaltech to work with a selected vendor to design, permit and construct upgrades to t

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Damage Assessment and Repair

Three days before Thanksgiving, the Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID, with whom we have a continuing design-build services contract) informed us they had experienced a structural problem with their Plant D Package Plant. Within a hour, Globaltech had an investigative team at the plant site.

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Aeration Basin Trough Replacement

The carbon steel trough in Aeration Basin No. 2 at Fort Pierce Utilities Authority’s (FPUA) Island Water Reclamation Facility (IWRF) had deteriorated over the years and needed to be replaced. FPUA hired Globaltech, under our continuing design-build services contract, to provide engineering design

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Filter Feed Pump Station Intake Improvements

Seacoast Utility Authority (SUA) was seeking a less labor-intensive, safer way for its maintenance personnel to access the underwater intake screens for periodic screening. The filter feed pump station supplies treated wastewater to six Aquadisc filters for further processing of the reclaimed water.

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