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Reverse Osmosis Skid Energy Device Improvements

November 01, 2019

Because raw water drawn from Floridan Aquifer wells in Belle Glade, Florida had experienced a decline, the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department needed to install energy recovery turbines with interstage boost pumps and associated equipment to four Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis (LPRO) skids at

Chlorine Storage Area Improvements

In order to improve the safety and manageability of chlorine gas used for disinfection at its Hood Road water treatment plant, Seacoast Utility Authority (SUA) identified a series of improvements needed at the plant’s chlorine storage area and chlorinator room. SUA hired Globaltech under a continu

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Degasifier and Clearwell Improvements

In 2014, an engineering consultant’s evaluation found that systems related to post-treatment of the reverse osmosis permeate at Water Treatment Plant (WTP) 11 needed modification in order to provide stable, high quality finished water. In response, Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department (PBC

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Chemical Improvements

In order to maintain a neutral PH balance and inhibit pipe corrosion, Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department retained Globaltech as a design-build contractor to make a number of chemical improvements at Water Treatment Plant (WTP) 3. Improvements included designing and constructing a corrosion

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Lime Slurry CO2 Remineralization System

Highland Beach’s reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant removes salts from the brackish Floridan Aquifer source to produce clean, potable water. But the treatment process also removes calcium and alkalinity, which makes the water potentially corrosive. A calcite reactor system was added to the

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Lime Softening Transfer Pump Replacements

Over the past several years, Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) has hired Globaltech under a continuing design-build services contract to replace aging transfers pumps, which transfer treated water from the water treatment plant’s Lime Softening process to the ground storage tanks. In three se

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High Service Pump Replacements

Two of the electric high service pumps (HSPs) that send finished drinking water out for distribution from the Fort Pierce Utilities District (FPUA) Henry Gahn Water Treatment Facility were aging, deteriorated, and in need of improvement. Under a continuing design-build services contract, FPUA retain

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Ground Water Rule Implementation

The City of Boynton Beach wanted to make chemical changes at the city’s West Water Treatment Plant (WTP) for two reasons: to provide 4-log virus treatment under the Ground Water Rule, and to reduce sulfuric acid usage. Globaltech provided consulting engineering and permitting assistance to meet th

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MIEX Regeneration Modifications

In the second year of the MIEX process facility’s operation, Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department (PBCWUD) elected to make various improvements and operational enhancements that would ultimately improve reliability, increase redundancy, and increase capacity of selected subsystems. Working

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