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Diesel High Service Pump Replacement

  • January 21, 2020
  • Globaltech

We are pleased to announce the completion of our high service pump (HSP) replacement project in Coral Springs, Florida. We are Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID) utilizes a diesel engine to drive HSP 7. This pump serves as an emergency backup in the event that both network power and the plant’s emergency back-up generator fail. The existing pump was capable of moving water during an emergency, however, was unable to overcome system pressures when other pumps were operating.  This led to a situation where plant staff could only exercise HSP 7 during non-peak hours. Additionally, staff was concerned that the infrequent operation of the pump would lead to prolonged stagnation of water in the immediate piping system and create potential water quality issues.

Because of these limitations, Globaltech was requested to design and install a bypass line on the discharge side of the HSP7to allow plant staff to more easily exercise the pump and increase flow and pressure to the backup pump. The project included the installation of a 12-inch diameter bypass line from the HSP 7 discharge into the existing 16-inch diameter suction line from the ground storage tanks.

Increased Capacity & Improved Operations

During the preliminary design phase, it was determined that the existing pump was improperly specified and could not overcome system pressures under design conditions. It was further determined that a new pump could be installed that would operate as designed without piping modifications and causing major disrupting within high service pump building.

The existing American-Marsh 10 x 10-10 split case pump was replaced with a Peerless 8AE15 pump. The replacement pump is capable of higher capacity and will allow plant flow to enter the distribution system under normal operating conditions or during an emergency. With this modification, plant staff can exercise the pump whenever desired. The pump is capable of providing necessary emergency flow and a savings of approximately $35,000.