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Emergency Standby Generator & Power Improvements

  • February 26, 2020
  • Globaltech

We are pleased to announce the completion of our emergency standby generator and power improvements project in Fort Pierce, Florida. Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) intended to improve and augment the sources of electric power at the Island Water Reclamation Facility (IWRF) before the 2018 hurricane season. The facility was utilizing two independent utility feeds with two separate utility transformers co-located on the utility pad outside the Blower Building. Previously, a hurricane event caused a loss of power to both electric utility feeds, and the plant was without power for an extended period.  A third independent source of electric power, from onsite emergency power generation, will increase the reliability of the plant and decrease the chances of another extended power outage. Globaltech furnished and installed a new 2,000 kW diesel-engine generator set, fuel tank, new automatic transfer switch (ATS), and modified the existing Blower Building to accommodate the new equipment.

New Generator & Diesel Fuel Tank

A new 2,000 kW diesel-engine generator set was installed on a new concrete foundational pad inside the existing Blower Building. The generator set is compliant to EPA Tier II for emergency standby power generation and rated 2,000 kW at 480 volts alternating current (VAC). To supply fuel from the main diesel fuel tank to the generator set, a new 350-gallon diesel day tank system was installed inside the Blower Building. A critical grade silencer was also added to help with noise control.

A new double walled UL142 above ground, free standing diesel fuel tank was installed. The tank capacity is 20,000 useable gallons which provides approximately 7 days of run time at 75% of rated generator load.

Electrical Distribution Upgrades & New Utility Transformers

The existing Maintenance Building at the facility had previously been on its own separate utility feed.  With no building backup generator and housing critical communication equipment, the building was highly susceptible to power outages. Globaltech provided new breakers, disconnect, transformer, and wiring to re-feed electrical power to the Maintenance Building, from the electrical switchgear in the Blower Building, thus providing ample and redundant backup electrical power.

FPUA furnished the new 2,000 kVA replacement transformers and equipment pads, while working in concert with Globaltech which provided demolition, earthwork, and concrete services (in addition to new electrical conduit and wiring), to quickly and efficiently resupply the facility with new utility power.

Two new service-entrance-rated ATS, three new tap boxes, bus duct, and all new wiring were installed to provide inter-connectivity between the new utility transformers, new generator, and existing electrical switchgear. Additional ancillary, wiring, transformers and a lighting panel were furnished and installed for a complete working system.

Temporary Power for Continued Production

A 1,000-kW diesel engine generator was rented to serve as a temporary back up power source for the deep injection well (DIW) pump station during construction. The temporary power installation included a new 1,200A 480VAC ATS in a 316 stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure, a 5,000 gallon fuel tank with at least three days of diesel fuel, a generator cable hookup tap box and all the cables required to connect the generator to the DIW electrical building. To meet the expedited schedule of providing temporary backup power by June 1, 2018, the temporary system was designed, permitted and installed within 60 days.