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Globaltech Goes Deep For Replacement of SUA Lift Station 36

  • June 25, 2020
  • Globaltech

We will go to great depths to serve our clients. Recently, we were given the opportunity while working with the Seacoast Utility Authority (SUA) to replace the aging Lift Station 36 using the design-build delivery method.  In 2019, SUA discovered that the existing Lift Station collector manhole had experienced settlement in recent months resulting in potential damage to the structure.  The integrity of the existing lift station facilities and the adjacent major intersection were potentially threatened as well.

Within days of the discovery, SUA effectively mobilized their emergency contractor to stabilize the situation while simultaneously  reviewing options for a long-term solution. Upon inspection it was apparent to both SUA and the Globaltech Engineers that construction of a replacement lift station was required immediately north of the existing wetwell.

Under our continuing services contract, SUA contacted Globaltech to provide design/build services for the infrastructure replacement.  Globaltech’s work included designing and installing a new wetwell with cover and hatch, conversion of the existing wetwell to a collector manhole, and connecting the gravity sewer and installing new submersible pumps and above grade facilities. The project also involved demolition of the remaining existing facilities.  

Fast-Track Design Build

Globaltech worked on a fast-track, design-build basis for rapid implementation of this new facility. Fast forward to May 2020 and Globaltech is working diligently with the SUA staff and our subcontractors to install the new gravity sewer line between the new and old lift stations.

Our engineers didn’t hesitate to go 20 feet below ground surface inside the sheet pile box to ensure proper installation. Seen down below is not only the Globaltech construction crew, but two of our design engineers, Tyler and Julia.  Two pairs of engineering eyes overseeing the exact location of the core drill installation can prove invaluable should any unforeseen hiccups arise. Luckily it was smooth sailing for our well-prepared crew and the pipe was backfilled and compacted within days.