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Ground Storage Tank Restoration & Booster Pump Station Improvements

  • June 06, 2019
  • Globaltech

We are happy to announce the completion of our North Booster Pump Station Improvements project. The City of Lake Worth’s North Booster Pump Station provides remote water storage and pressure boosting for the City’s potable water distribution system. Having been in service since the 1970’s, the station’s existing 500,000-gallon concrete ground storage tank (GST) needed restoration. A tank mixer was also added and the existing chlorine gas feed system was upgraded to improve disinfection residual maintenance. Under a continuing design build contract, Globaltech designed and constructed the improvements to the station.

Ground Storage Tank Improvements

The existing GST was removed from service, cleaned, and the interior coated with NSF approved protective epoxy coating for better durability. Additional improvements to the GST included the replacement of the side access hatch, the vortex breaker, the exterior and interior safety ladders with cages and addition of handrails on the tank dome for improved safety. All improvements were implemented to meet OSHA’s safety standards.

An active tank mixing system was installed inside the GST to reduce temperature stratification and improve water quality. Without proper mixing, temperature layers can develop in tanks. A warm layer can form at the top of the tank which degrades disinfectant residual quicker. The stratification also prevents cooler fresher water from mixing with the warmer layers increasing water age. A 55- foot PVC pipe manifold with three mixing nozzles installed inside the GST serves as the mixer. Two new mixer pumps located in the station’s pump building recirculates water from the GST through the diffusers. The pumps run constantly to actively mix the water in the GST to reduce temperature stratification in the tank.

Improved Chlorine Residuals & Safety

The existing chlorine gas feed system was refurbished with two new 150-pound chlorine cylinder automated emergency shut off valves, two new wall mounted chlorine gas vacuum regulators, and one bank auto switchover valve. The emergency shut off actuator system improves safety by closing the chlorine cylinder valve if chlorine gas is detected.

A chlorine residual analyzer and an ammonia/monochloramine analyzer was added to improve chlorine dosing. The ammonia analyzer monitors for free ammonia. When an excessive amount of free ammonia is present, chlorine can be added to the tank via the mixer manifold automatically. The addition of chlorine in the presence of free ammonia, increases the chloramine disinfection residual and reduces free ammonia as a potential food source for biological growth in the distribution system.