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Membrane Pilot Skid Refurbishment

  • June 11, 2019
  • Globaltech

We are pleased to announce the completion of our membrane pilot skid refurbishment project. Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department was experiencing a degradation in water quality due to an observed increase in the raw water salinity at water treatment plant 11.

Globaltech was hired to upgrade the existing nanofiltration membrane pilot skid and increase the pressure rating to allow for the ability to perform a membrane pilot test. The upgraded pilot skid accommodates three new parallel brackish water reverse osmosis trains, three new interstage booster pumps, new piping and instrumentation.

Improved Water Pressure & Data Storage

Refurbishment of the membrane pilot skid included installation of the following upgrades:

  • Three new 340 psi feed water pumps.
  • New feed, concentrate, and recycle pressure gauges and transmitters.
  • New conductivity instrumentation for feed water and each of the three membrane trains.
  • Newly fabricated welded 316 stainless-steel membrane feed piping, interstage piping, and concentrate piping with process connections.
  • New 120 psi interstage boost pumps and variable frequency drives (VFD)s.

The refurbished pilot skid has a higher working pressure of 520 psi, compared to the existing 140 psi, enabling its use on a wider range of membrane applications. The system now has sufficient internal memory to store data on 1-minute intervals for over 6 months of data logged. The upgrades and additions will allow the plant to perform higher salinity water simulations while piloting different manufacturer’s membranes and aid in the replacement of existing membranes on multiple plants.