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Permeate Flush System Upgrades & Membrane Cleaning System Replacement

  • July 02, 2019
  • Globaltech

We are happy to announce the completion of our Permeate Flush System project in Boca Raton, Florida. Palm Beach County Water Utilities was using a raw water flush on their reverse osmosis membranes at Water Treatment Plant 9. The County desired to use treated (permeate) water to flush the membranes for a more efficient flush. In addition, the existing membrane cleaning system was aging and in need of a replacement. Globaltech was hired to provide a design build solution to implement both improvements.

Upgraded Permeate Flush System

The new permeate flush system was furnished and installed on a new concrete slab tied into the adjacent membrane cleaning system slab. New equipment includes two 10,000 gallon domed-top fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks that will be filled individually by new connections on the permeate fill line. The tanks are a vertical-style flat bottom equipped with aluminum ladders and a tie down system.

Two new permeate flush pumps with variable frequency drives (VFDs), valves, piping and instrumentation were also installed. Motorized butterfly valves and associated piping were installed on each train to feed the permeate to the membrane vessels. A new NEMA 4X stainless-steel electrical panel will power the permeate flush pumps and associated equipment.

Membrane Cleaning System Replacement

Refurbishment of the existing cleaning system consisted of replacing the existing 1,500-gallon mixing tank with a new 2,800-gallon FRP mixing tank. The existing 5,000-gallon cleaning tank was replaced with a new 6,500-gallon FRP cleaning tank completed with insulation and a heater.

The new cleaning system also included new pumps, a new VFD and electrical, a new cartridge filter, new instrumentation, piping and valves.