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Aeration Basin Trough Replacement

The carbon steel trough in Aeration Basin No. 2 at Fort Pierce Utilities Authority’s (FPUA) Island Water Reclamation Facility (IWRF) had deteriorated over the years and needed to be replaced. FPUA hired Globaltech, under our continuing design-build services contract, to provide engineering design and construction services for this project.

Construction work consisted of removing the existing trough and building a new, 316 stainless steel trough in the same configuration. The carbon steel wall supports and vertical support columns were also replaced, along with the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) weirs and all associated hardware.

As part of the project, Globaltech made air piping modifications to Aeration Basins No. 2 and 3, and replaced two 16” butterfly valves that were aging and in a difficult location to maintain.

Project Achievements / Benefits

  • Globaltech recommended that FPUA replace the carbon steel trough with a 316 stainless steel trough. For only a minimal difference in price, FPUA received a longer-lasting product that would never require painting.
  • Globaltech exposed and evaluated the configuration and condition of the existing pipe liner end caps.
  • Cut and welded 16” steel pipe to place the butterfly valves at a lower position for ease of maintenance.
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