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Chlorine Storage Area Improvements

In order to improve the safety and manageability of chlorine gas used for disinfection at its Hood Road water treatment plant, Seacoast Utility Authority (SUA) identified a series of improvements needed at the plant’s chlorine storage area and chlorinator room. SUA hired Globaltech under a continuing design-build contract to design, permit, and construct the changes, along with several other safety and operational upgrades at the plant.

A key part of the project consisted of replacing the existing overhead monorail and hoist system used to transfer the 1-ton cylinders of chlorine gas into a covered outdoor storage area. The new monorail system is 52 feet long, structurally reinforced, and Wi-Fi controlled. Six new chlorine cylinder scales were added along with new gas feed equipment and piping, and a new leak detection and monitoring system.

Globaltech also provided electrical switchgear improvements, new energy efficient exterior lighting, upgraded fencing, and a new 12’ x 12’ concrete slab off the chlorinator room to aid in cylinder loading activities.

Other improvements included the design and installation of new process piping and supports to provide improved drainage and flow control to the plant’s odor scrubber blowdown system; concrete repairs at chemical areas; and new protective coatings for the corrosive environment.

Project Achievements / Benefits

  • Overall, Globaltech’s improvements have made the facility safer, more storm resistant, and more manageable for operators.
  • In particular, Wi-Fi control of the new monorail and hoist system enables safer handling and storage of the chlorine gas.
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