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Influent Screen Replacement

The Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID) was experiencing persistent pump clogging issues at its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), requiring pump de-ragging maintenance at least every shift. The ragging material was passing through the existing 3/8” mechanical bar screen and coalescing into large clumps, resulting in pump ragging and other interferences in the wastewater treatment process.

CSID hired Globaltech, under a continuing design-build services contract, to conduct an engineering analysis, evaluate options, and install a replacement influent screen with finer screening capability and better reliability.

The existing influent screen was replaced with a new 6mm perforated plate automated 316 SS influent screen. A new stainless steel hopper was installed to direct the screenings to the existing washer/compactor. A new control panel was also installed.

The project required permits from the Broward County Health Department and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

Project Achievements / Benefits

  • Globaltech and CSID visited six other Florida WWTP facilities to inspect screen installations and gather comments from Owners. This data, combined with results of hydraulic and flow calculations, helped Globaltech recommend the right replacement influent screen to alleviate CSID’s clogging issues.
  • To install the new influent screen, the existing isolation gates were closed and the influent screen channel bypassed for one week. During that time, Globaltech coordinated construction work carefully to complete the screen removal, concrete work, screen installation, metal work, coating repairs, electrical, and I&C work to get the new influent screen operational within one week.
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