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Membrane Element Replacement for Reverse Osmosis Plant

The Toray TMG 20-430 membrane elements originally installed in the three reverse osmosis (RO) treatment skids at the Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID) water treatment plant had been in use for seven years. CSID had begun to notice a rapid degradation of water quality (increase in total dissolved solids and conductivity) from the membrane elements in the second stage. Following an investigation of possible causes and autopsies of membrane elements, membrane age led to the replacement of all 1,050 membrane elements.

CSID hired Globaltech under a continuing design-build services contract to assist in the selection of a new membrane model, coordinate CSID’s direct purchase of the new membrane elements, and install the new elements. Three membrane manufacturers were solicited, and the Toray TMG 20D-440 membrane element was selected. Replacement was performed one RO skid at a time so that the remaining two skids could provide water for the plant.

Project Achievements / Benefits

  • The project was expedited due to the rapid deterioration of the existing membrane elements and resulting degradation of water quality. Membrane selection was made within two weeks, and the membrane elements installed within one month following selection.
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