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Water Treatment Plant Production Well Redevelopment

  • July 08, 2019
  • Globaltech

We are happy to announce the completion of our Production Well 8 Redevelopment project in Coral Springs, Florida. The Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID) operates 11 surficial aquifer wells that produced raw water for their membrane water treatment plant. Despite incorporating a periodic maintenance program, it was observed that Production Well 8 was yielding less water and that the production rate had declined approximately 60% since it was constructed in 2002.

CSID hired Globaltech to perform well re-development to restore the well’s capacity. Globaltech teamed with Connect Consulting and Centerline Drilling Contractors to perform the project. Redevelopment activities consisted of mechanical brushing, chemical treatment, and development using jetting, straight air and high rate pumping. A water settling system was set up to accept water and sediment discharges from the well without significant flooding of the site. The settling tank was used to separate sand from the water generated during redevelopment prior to discharge into West Outfall Canal.

Increased Capacity & Corrosion Control

Following the initial acidization of the well, it was determined that the well casing was corroded at the pad interface. The casing perforation prevented the well from becoming pressurized during acidization and prevented acid from being forced into the gravel pack surrounding the well screen. Globaltech designed a permanent concrete collar that sealed the well casing. The repair permitted the chemical treatment to successfully force acid into the gravel pack and prevented contaminants from entering the well at pad interface. In addition, the acidization of the gravel pack permitted fluidization of the gravel material during mechanical redevelopment.

Following redevelopment activities, a multi-step pumping test was performed which indicated that sand content and the silt density index (SDI) for the raw water were within acceptable levels for the membrane treatment process and that the specific capacity of the well had increased by 26%. The well was recently re-assembled, disinfected and returned to service. All redevelopment and construction methods were performed in accordance with the latest revisions of the American Water Works Association Standards for Wells and the National Water Well Association Standards.