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Project Management Tools: DTG3 ROV

  • March 05, 2020
  • Globaltech

With 4K camera capabilities and a depth rating of up to 200 meters, the Deep Trekker DTG3 ROV (remote operated vehicle) is one of the most innovative tools to become part of the Globaltech fleet. With cost savings at the forefront of our design build method, our newest device assists in eliminating manual labor and prolonged shutdowns during plant assessments. 

The Deep Trekker’s compact size and extreme maneuverability enables our team to perform a variety of underwater assessments and offers a safer solution for routine inspections. Its chemically resilient casing enables our ROV operators to perform underwater inspections in locations that may not be accessible to an underwater dive crew. Completed with GoPro camera technology, it makes both video and photos instantly available in a user-friendly format.

Keeping up with the times is one of our specialties. We always use state of the art digital tools to document our designs and manage projects from start to finish. We are continuously looking for new ways to improve our capabilities to better service our clients and are excited to apply the DTG3 ROV for project optimization.