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Construction Services
Looking Through a Design Build Lens

As a design build company, we bring a unique perspective to the way traditional design-bid-build construction projects are managed and executed. For example, when utilities hire our construction crew for bid work, we often are able to propose potential shortcuts based on our knowledge of the design or construction of the system, while also understanding the effects on the operation of the existing process. In this way, we create opportunities to increase efficiency and decrease cost and time for our clients.

Versatile, Adaptive,
and Fully Licensed

In the state of Florida, Globaltech is licensed as a general contractor (CGC1507230), mechanical contractor (CMC1249255), underground utility and excavating contractor (CUC1224907), and plumbing contractor (CFC 1427843). We self-perform all structural, process mechanical, heavy mechanical, underground utility, and earthwork associated with each job. We sometimes bring on subcontractors to maximize the use of local firms or to satisfy a client’s special request. When utilizing subcontractors, we maintain strict control as the Prime Contractor and Construction Manager.

Our skilled trades workers are committed to safe work practices and accommodating the client at every turn. Supervisors are experienced laborers who have worked their way up to leadership positions here at Globaltech.

Construction Project Experience

Collectively, our construction staff has a wealth of experience building and installing the following:

  • Surficial aquifer supply wells
  • Floridan aquifer supply wells
  • Membrane plants
  • Anion exchange plants
  • Chemical storage and feed systems
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water storage tanks
  • Emergency generators
  • Pumps and piping
  • Hurricane hardening of facilities

Staff assignment for each project is based on the specific individual’s technical expertise, process familiarity, and relevant project experience.

Ready to Work With Us?

Thinking of a future design build project? Trying to find the right technical group to help with your capital improvements? We’d be happy to answer any questions.