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System Wide Safety Improvements

  • July 30, 2019
  • Globaltech

We are happy to announce the completion of our system wide safety improvements project throughout Palm Beach County. To meet the County’s fall protection policy (PPM CW-070), applicable building codes, OSHA and NEC standards, Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department (PBCWUD) hired Globaltech to make system wide safety improvements throughout 11 of their facilities. Proposed work focused on grating, handrails, access platforms, fall protection, safety signage, and concrete repairs.

The 11 facilities that underwent safety improvements include:

  1. Belle Glade Wastewater Treatment Plant
  2. Central Region Operations Center (CROC)
  3. Northern Region Operations Center (NROC)
  4. Southern Region Operations Center (SROC)
  5. Pahokee Wastewater Treatment Plant
  6. Pump Station 9S
  7. Mecca Pump Station
  8. Water Treatment Plant 2
  9. Water Treatment Plant 8
  10. Water Treatment Plant 9
  11. Water Treatment Plant 11

Fall Protection & Concrete Improvements

Amongst the many improvements, selected walkway and stair railings in Belle Glade and Boca Raton were reinforced. The handrails were previously unable to withhold a 200-pound force. Existing spalling concrete was rehabbed and new concrete was constructed to expand and strengthen the base of the walkways. New handrails were installed at a higher height to meet all qualifications.

Other refurbishments include trip hazard and fall protection installation, new emergency showers and eyewash stations, and self-closing gates that were placed on elevated platforms to avoid any fall hazards. All system components were designed to meet the latest version of the Florida Building Code (FBC).