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Walk-through Clearwell Inspection

  • February 10, 2020
  • Globaltech

What does your Tuesday look like? The Globaltech team spent their morning inside the Seacoast clearwell!

Under our continuing services contract with Seacoast Utility Authority (SUA), Globaltech inspected the coating conditions of the clearwell’s middle cell at the Hood Road Water Treatment Plant. The clearwell is an enclosed tank used to store filtered water that enables a water treatment plant to meet the needs of variations in demand. It is also used to provide chlorine contact time for disinfection. SUA has been experiencing some issues with their clearwell structure and sent the Globaltech crew in to investigate.

With safety being a top priority, each member of the inspection crew was required to put on a harness prior to entry in the confined space. And we didn’t forget our headlamps! The system was shut down and the middle cell was drained completely for a walk-through inspection. To allow enough time during the week for SUA personnel to get the drained cell back online and to normal operating procedures, the Globaltech team arranged for the inspection to be done on a Tuesday.

During the process, coating and water samples are taken, and a report is provided to ensure good water quality is being maintained and all regulatory requirements are being met. This project management method, along with many others we provide, enable the Globaltech team to provide cost effective remediation options to our clients.