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Wastewater Treatment Plant Biosolids Process Equipment Upgrades

  • May 30, 2019
  • Globaltech

We are pleased to announce the completion of our biosolids process equipment upgrades project in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. In an effort to replace the aging and maintenance intensive belt filter presses, Seacoast Utility Authority requested to upgrade their existing biosolids processing equipment and install new dewatering centrifuge equipment under a continuing design build contract.

Globaltech conducted a centrifuge pilot study to determine the dewatering performances for several equipment manufacturers. We furnished and installed the new solids dewatering centrifuge complete with hydraulic power pack, electric drive motors, startup diverter gate assembly, stainless steel support frame and access platform and an integrated control panel with HMI interface.

Equipment Efficiency & Improved Daily Operations

The new solids dewatering centrifuge equipment dewaters incoming digested waste sludge more efficiently. The equipment achieves 20% solids content by weight based upon a 120 gpm feed rate to the centrifuge. The previous dewatering equipment was only able to achieve 13% solids content. A new polymer dilution feed system was also installed.

A new 5-ton bridge crane to support maintenance activities was installed on the second floor of the solids handling building. Designed with dual drive, variable speed control, and to meet OSHA safety standards, the new bridge crane improves daily operations and is less labor intensive. Significant building modifications were required for structural support of the new bridge crane.

Additional upgrades include modifications to existing lighting and piping systems to accommodate the new equipment and new related electrical power and instrumentation and control systems.