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Water Treatment Plant Optimization & Improvements

  • August 21, 2019
  • Globaltech

We are pleased to announce the completion of our water treatment plant improvements project in Belle Glade, Florida. In an ongoing effort to improve operations at Water Treatment Plant 11, Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department (PBCWUD) implemented several modifications. Under a continuing design build contract, Globaltech designed, permitted, constructed, and commissioned the series of improvements.

Sodium Hypochlorite Automatic Dosing System

The existing 1% sodium hypochlorite storage, dilution, and feed system was upgraded to accommodate the storage and feeding of bulk (12%) sodium hypochlorite. One existing 10,000-gallon FRP storage tank was reused while the second 10,000-gallon FRP storage tank used to store diluted sodium hypochlorite was replaced with a new 12% storage tank to double the chemical storage capacity.

The existing concrete bulk storage containment basin was also recoated. To feed the increased amount of sodium hypochlorite, four new progressive cavity pumps were installed on two pump skids. Each pump skid provided one pump for service and one spare. The pumps are controlled automatically through flow pacing and chlorine residual analyzer trimming. Feedback control for the pump flow output of sodium hypochlorite is measured by three new magnetic flow meters for each potential injection point.

Degasifier Cleaning System

A new degasifier cleaning system was installed to facilitate cleaning of the two existing degasifier towers. A permanent electric pump was mounted adjacent to the degasifier towers to recirculate cleaning solution. Each degasifier was modified by adding larger diameter (10″ and 8″) ports to the degasifer’s sumps and inlet weirs to provide better cleaning solution flow. The new larger ports replaced smaller (2″ and 4″) ports that were no longer effective in providing adequate flow during cleaning. All new PVC piping for the pump suction and discharge were added with removable spool pieces to allow for isolation between the degasifiers and easier access when the system is not in use.

Remote Monitoring & Improved Reliability

The original deep injection well (DIW) steel tank was replaced with a new 6,000-gallon surge tank. The new tank is equipped with a replaceable rubber bladder, safety pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and fill port with ball valve. Concentrate will be contained inside the rubber bladder to limit corrosion of the tank. A differential pressure (DP) transmitter was put in place to be connected to the plant’s SCADA for remote monitoring, data recording, and alarm functions.

The DIW annulus tank received all new instrumentation to improve reliability. The existing PVC sight gauge was replaced with a new stainless-steel sight gauge, as well as a new level and pressure transmitter.

Additional renovations included replacement of all clearwell hatches, installation of owner supplied clearwell, overflow hatches, installation of a backup clearwell level transmitter, and installation of two new turbidity meters for each clearwell section.